Test of attentiveness: you need to find a squirrel among firewood in 30 seconds! This is very few who succeed!

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A mindfulness test is a great way to test your abilities. Do you have the inclinations of Sherlock Holmes, and have you relaxed too much during the long quarantine? In the picture, a red squirrel lurks among the firewood. Find it in 30 seconds.

In order for the attentiveness test to show an adequate result, it is necessary to take it in a relaxed and calm state. No one should disturb you and distract you.

Look at the picture, do not try to concentrate too much. The squirrel does not hide behind the logs, it is depicted in the most prominent place. This is probably why only one percent of people manage to find it in half a minute and without prompts.

If a protein is found within the specified period of time, then you can safely think about changing a profession. In your heart you are a brilliant detective, attentive and scrupulous.

If 30 seconds is not enough for you, then give yourself the same amount of time. Finding a squirrel among firewood in 1 minute is obtained by some people, but not by all.

You should not be upset if you did not succeed in finding a red-haired baby among a pile of firewood. Look for her a little to the right of the center. In addition, it is important to remember that mindfulness can be trained.

Find the squirrel

find the squirrel

If you find a gopher in the photo, we congratulate you. You are an attentive person! If not, give a hint below.

find the squirrel

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