Dragon paper origami – 龍紙業 – ドラゴン紙

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ORIGAMI – Hướng dẫn cách gấp con rồng đơn giản – Origami Dragon
Tutorial how to make origami paper dragon. Do it yourself paper dragon.
Mythical dragons are one of the most popular origami patterns. Here you will learn how to make a dragon out of paper, both in the origami technique and in the form of crafts. There are many different types of paper dragons, ranging from simple patterns suitable for beginners to complex shapes that require hundreds of different steps.

There are many instructions on the Internet on how to make a paper dragon. Together with the children, you can make simple dragon crafts from paper, for example, from a paper plate or cardboard toilet paper bushes. And if you are fond of origami, you will find some good examples of how to make an origami dragon with step-by-step video schemes.

Video origami tutorials. Paper plays a major role in the technique of origami (aero-gi) and scrapbooking. Learn the art of origami from the comfort of your home.


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Phone stand paper. Cool stand for a smartphone!

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